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Family had a hammermill powered by a Farmall M pulley and belt. Got tired of hooking up the M and belt every time we needed it, so we got an old Olds Rocket 88 V8 engine and trans, built a frame out of 8X10s and hooked it up permanently. Pulled the pulley off the mill, made a short driveshaft and hooked them up.Within 20 seconds of entering the pellet mill, feed goes from an air-dry (about 10-12 percent moisture) condition at ambient temperature, to 15-16 percent moisture at 80-90°C. ... Feed is forced through the die holes in increments so that dissection of a finished pellet shows tight layers of feed mixture. The die is driven by a motor and the ...

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Wilson Brothers 1881 Grist Feed Mill Grinder Sheller Corn Coffee Antique Tool S1. Antique Cast Iron - 74.99 Antique Cast Iron Flat Belt Pulley Flywheel Grist Mill Burr Gas Engine 18 X 2 . Antique Primitive - 650.00 Antique Primitive Cast Iron No 3 Grist Mill Large Wheel Very Cool . Grist Mill Primitive - 77.95Terence engineered a 2 roller mill that will handle 10kg/min. Obviously motor driven it has 2 unknurled 6" diam X 10" length rollers made of mild steel. It spins one roller at 350rpm while using a different sized pulley (driven by the back of the same round pulley belt) to give the second roller a slightly diferent speed.

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One leg needs to be repaired. The mill is marked with a name of Palmer, Richmond, Va. I can't make out the first name on it. ( enterprise grist mill vintage vtg condition tractor pulley sack feed maker tool equipment driven corn coffee grain bean grinder double 2 wood ) I have additional farm and primitive items, if you areThe Glade Creek Mill building (Babcock State Park, WV) includes 15 windows, 4 styles of 6 doors, 2 front porches, 1 side-access deck, corner trim, pulley kit, and full-sized CAD plans in 3 - 24" x 36" sheets with 4/C painting instructions. Step by step "How to Model the Glade Creek Mill in Stone & Cement" DVD. Click on pix for larger.

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All Woolen Mill Fan Company LLC belt and pulley fan models above are available as single motor drive units. Motors are concealed above fans; ... The direct drive fan motors are small, 6in high and 4 in square and are single speed 100rpm, there is also a 60 rpm motor available. The fan body and blades are exactly the same ones used for the belt ...A pto shaft direct-drives the tire. "It works very well to grind small amounts of feed. The original mill wasn't modified so with the removal of a few bolts, it could again be used with a drive belt," notes Yoder. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marcus Yoder, 53248 365th St., Grove City, Minn. 56243 (ph 320 220-0454).

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Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:15 pm Post subject: Re: I-H 8 Burr mill (Belt driven) Here is a photo of my McCormick Feed grinder. I suspect yours is similar. Mine is a an 8 inch type B. There was also a Type A and a type D and they came in 6, 8 and 10 inch size. The B is designed to grind ear corn but will also grind shell corn or small grain.It will run with a 2-3hp engine, but you have to watch your feed rate. I usually look at the drive pulley for a hint on the hp requirement. I believe Letz was made by John . I didn't pay too much for mine 7-8 years ago. Local demand and availability are the main factors for prices. Hope this helps. Ed Jebaroni Registered Age 42 Nov 13, 2006 #3

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antique CI FLAT BELT PULLEY 14X3 1/4" gas engine steam sawmill #A4 grist mill Opens in a new window or tab. ... Sponsored. Antique Cast Iron Hand Crank Grain Corn Coffee Grist Mill Vintage Feed Grinder Opens in a new window or tab. Pre-Owned. $99.99. Buy It Now +$26.83 shipping. 11 watchersThe countershaft has pulleys 20 and 8 inches in diameter. The pulley on the grinder is 6 inches In diameter and is belted to the 20-inch pulley on the countershaft. The line shaft runs at 180 revolutions per minute and carries a pulley that is belted to the 8-inch pulley on the countershaft.

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A. Country Living Mill B. 2″ Pulley C. Size A or 4L V-belt 1/2″ wide X 5/16″ thick D. 5/8″ pillow block bearings E. 6″ Pulley ... Driven Pulley Size X Speed of Driven Pulley / by Speed of Driving Pulley = Size of Driving Pulley. If math isn't your forte, here is a site that will do the calculations for you:Antique Pulleys. Whether you call them pulleys, sheaves, or blocks, these ancient devices make light work of heavy loads. A single pulley can cut the amount of force needed to lift an object in half. Multiple pulleys threaded with rope or wire, known as block and tackle, can reduce the energy required to hoist an object into the air even more.

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Vintage logging saw mill parts hooks pulleys hitch pins clips heavy metal lot T3 Opens in a new window or tab. Pre-Owned. C $65.01. ... Frick Belt Feed Saw Mills No. 00 Parts List, Catalog No. 20-D reprint Opens in a new window or tab. New (Other) C $23.38. Buy It …Northern, IL. Tractor. Branson 2400H, JD X540. I believe Farmall also made PTO to belt conversion systems for the older "H" & "M" models. Maybe able to find one of them in a tractor salvage yard. Grinder mixers: hammer mill with tank on wheels ALL used multiple "V"-belts to drive the mill.

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The Mill seems to be holding all of the machinery needed to properly run the Grist Mill, augers, belts, pulleys, turbines, sifters, grinders, separators, baggers and much more that we are not familiar with. The stenciling on the machines is bright, vivid and easily readable. It is clear from the conditions we found that the machinery was well removing feed drive pulley and two locking screws from flange mounting. Operating speed is 4400 RPM, making 13,200 cuts-per- minute (72 knife-cuts-per-inch) at 15 feet-per-minute feed quality finishing. Accurately machined foot is extra for longer wear. POWER FEED CONTROL: Handy clutch lever to start and

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Antique Vintage Solid Wood Pulley Frame w/ Metal Pulley Farm Barn - Estate Find. $49.99. $45.95 shipping. SPONSORED. HUGE Antique Block & Tackle Pulley Wooden Vintage 31"w/ Iron Barn Hay Anvil hook. $464.07. Was: $499.00. $161.42 shipping. SPONSORED. Design Toscano Vintage-Style Cast Iron and Wood Wheel Farm Pulley: MediumAntique Burr Mill / Grain and Corn Grinder powered with a flat belt pulley and flywheel -- two 6 in. long with a 12 in. Free Local pick-up is an option. ... antique iron CYCLONE DUST COLLECTOR 20x40" SEPARATOR from BORDEN DAIRY FEED MILL. Pre-owned Pre-owned Pre-owned. $750.00

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Belt and Pulley fans: Motor Mounts: Belt and pulley systems are unique in that they have a single motor to power a number of fans. Woolen Mill fan motor mounts are strictly wall mounted with the pulley at the same level as the pulley on the first fan. Also two pulleys can be placed on the motor mount to drive two sets of fans in different ...Ok I need help! I bought a hammer mill a couple of weeks ago and the guy I bought it from had cut the original drive pulley off it and was running it with a small gas motor and a V belt. I want to run it with my Super C and its flat belt pulley set up. Bought a flat belt and found a pulley on EBAY however… The pulley I bought is a 6" steel ...